QADASI – David Jenkins

The Storyteller

The Storyteller
Music and Lyrics by David Jenkins

South of the equator
In the heart of Zululand
There lived a storyteller
Who told tales so very grand
And in the quiet of the evenings
Memories abound
He would tell the tale of a battle
Which to date still astounds

The stabbing of the spears
The anger and the tears
The rattling of the rifles
On boys filled with fear
Ngeke sikhohlwe umlando wethu
(We will never forget our history)
Umlando wethu ubalulekile
(Our history is of utmost importance)

As the evening curtain closes
And the flames begin to rise
The storyteller crouches
And calls on curious eyes
As he begins to tell his story
A teardrop tumbles down
As he remembers those who fought with him
And fell to the ground